Aboutslots announcement is out!

We guaranteed some news and we’re here to convey. Along with that, we might want to declare the ten champs from the opposition that occurred last Wednesday. Much thanks to you for playing, we’ve had some good times perusing the many intriguing – and creative – surmises you’ve thought of!

Need to hear a few models?

aar0n1212 appears to accept our news is that Gogge is returning full time, while a significant number of you speculated that CasinoDaddy is emerging with a space all things considered. We especially appreciated perusing jhyd3n ‘s remark. He speculated we’ll employ a female decoration!

Presently, onto the primary subject today: what’s the news we’re here to report? Sign drumroll!

Aboutslots is entering a totally different stage, that of Aboutslots 3.0. With it, you can expect a lot of changes, the first being a totally reexamined site with a smooth, special plan and a lot of new functionalities. In any case, that is not really all.

With this new send off, Aboutslots.com becomes Aboutslots.com – Betting Simplified. With an extremely wide concentration, we won’t just be zeroing in on rewards any longer – all things considered, we’ll add a lot more segments and highlights to the site, which will be a one-stop for all that is betting related. Guides, sites, industry news and audits – anything you’re searching for, you’ll find it here on the all new Aboutslots – Betting simplified!

Over the course of the following two or three weeks, we’ll show you heaps of new elements and give you a lot more insights regarding what’s to come. Beginning with an update two days from now, when you’ll get a see of the new site.

Assuming that you’re interested to find out more, continue to follow our movement in virtual entertainment and return here on our blog! We have bounty more to tell you – the approaching fourteen days will be brimming with news and changes you’ll need to be important for!

Presently, onto individuals who Really hit the nail on the head – and hence win one of our ten awards somewhere in the range of fifty and 200 euros.






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